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We are your sustainable partner all the way.

We have evaluated our industry and found that we used a lot of plastic in transportation of goods, packaging and also in a lot of our print and branding exercises.  We have now eliminated the usage of plastic for transportation and are trying to get our customers to realize that we can produce the same quality in branding even when using other materials such as wood and cardboard.

We  always produce units for events, festivals and trade shows that have multiple usage and with longevity in mind. 

We work hard with our clients to not use one off event disposables such as throw away  carpets.

Every product that we produce has a re-use thinking and in cases that we can´t re-use the product we make sure that it will be recycled.

We store our clients event materials in order to cut unnecessary transportation's and we are always looking for the most environment friendly way of shipping. 

We try to source our materials locally and have well established suppliers with the right enviroment thinking.

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